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Worn out. Disappointed. Done.

Are you tired? Have you been wounded or nearly defeated by life? 

With a refreshing candor and raw emotion, Amy Joy Stout gives the gift of hope and renewal to women who are in the midst of their own disappointments and pain. She describes her own struggle in choosing the road of sweetness when fears, lies, and insecurity threatened to bang down the door of her hurting heart. With every setback, Amy felt like she was growing old, but not growing up. Ugliness was winning over true beauty- until she finally embraced the hard stuff with Jesus, the only One who could empower her to live fully and freely. 

"At the Corner of Bitter & Sweet  is a breath of fresh air to lonely, worn out souls. Amy's encouragement makes her feel like a lifelong friend, and her empowering message shows that it is possible to thrive once again. 

You don't need to live in fear, hiding from the pain. No matter what your stage of life, no matter what hardships you face-the road to sweetness  awaits. It'll be a good one because Jesus is along for it. 

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